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High Score, a die/poker-like solitaire game - 22 November 2014

I finished High Score. The web version is uploaded. The Android version is waiting for me to take screenshots. The PC version plays 6 players simultaneously. It's 90% done. I have a large list of "flair" items that I'd like to eventually implement.

Multi-Touch Games & Unity Prototyping - 16 November 2014

I've been really, really into writing multi-touch games. It's a really great format and I wish I had infinite time to make every idea I've had! You can see that work over at Dark Infinity.

I've also started prototyping games in Unity. It's got many advantages over Torque's 2D engine. For example, if you have a fair amount of money to spend, the Unity Store has most everything you need to help speed up development. C# is also a safer and more concise way to write games over TorqueScript; I'm highly skilled at TorqueScript and only moderately skilled in C#, but I can already write simple games faster. There are a few disadvantages, like the difficulties you go through to develop logic that spans several scenes.

Check out the Web Games section to the left to try out some of my stuff. Beware: there's little to no instruction and they haven't been tested. You will be asked to download the Unity plug-in.

Multi-Touch Table - 12 March 2012

I've got a side project going. It's a ZaagTech multi-touch frame from Mesa Mundi with some games we wrote using TUIO (and either T2D or Javascript). I recommend watching this video at the highest resolution (click on the gear, select "720p HD" and click the "Full screen" box at the bottom right):