Java Web Start

Java Web Start is an application delivery system developed by Sun for Java applications. It provides a repository for all Java Web Start applications and allows you to run those applications without a traditional installation. Java Web Start provides the ability for the application developer to define the requirements for running each application. The version of Java, the security, and Internet connection can all be specified. All of my applications require Java 1.4 or later. None of my applications require you to be connected to the Internet to run them. The security requirements vary between applications, and this describes how much access to your computer the application needs.

When you download one of the applications that use Java Web Start, Java web start will come up first and will download the application. Once downloaded the application's icon will be added to your Java Web Start window and the application will be started. To run the application again later, you do not need to be connected to the Internet. Just bring up Java Web Start and double click the application's icon. If you are connected to the Internet when you run the application, Java Web Start will check for a new version of the application and will download it.

Security warning: When you first run an application with Java Web Start you may be warned that the application is requesting some amount of access to your computer. First some background: When you are browsing on the Internet, any Java that is run is an applet and doesn't have access to your computer's disks or network connections. When you run any other application, that application has full access to your computer's disks and network. Java Web Start accommodates both types of applications and it warns you when the application is requesting permission to access the computer. Most of my applications require access because I need to be able to save or open network connections. While Java Web Start's warning seems dire, it is no more dangerous to run these applications than any other program you download from the Internet.

For more information, see Sun's web page.

If you do not want to use Java Web Start for any reason just send me an email and I will send you the Jar files.